Sunday, March 4, 2018

Book: Geometry and Art - How Mathematics transformed Art during the Renaissance

By David Wade

This fascinating and authoritative look at how geometry changed the  world of art forever. Geometry & Art  follows the artists of the Renaissance, whose search for perspective  and visual depth led them to the study of geometry. Influencing the work of artists  such as Paolo Uccello, Piero della Francesco, and Leonardo da Vinci, this incredible  artistic breakthrough quickly spread to Germany, where a passion for polyhedral- based geometrical designs flourished as a district new art in the mid-16th century. 

File:Masolino Brancacci Chapel 01.jpg 
Masolino at the Brancacci Chapel, The Healing of Tabitha, 1420s

A period of enormous political and cultural change, the Renaissance empowered  artists to draw upon a blossoming revival of classical art, philosophy, and culture. At  the same time, a wealth of new ideas and concepts were flowing into Europe from  the Islamic Middle East. And it was this flood of revolutionary new thought that  would lead to the syntheses of mathematics, geometry, and art that characterizes the  painting, sculpture, and visual language of the Renaissance. 


This compelling volume uses engaging text, compelling historical accounts, and  250 beautiful illustrations to immerse readers in the fundamental Renaissance forms  which, although conceived over five hundred years ago, still have the capacity to awe  and inspire us with their beauty.!HalfHD.jpg 


Annunciation to St Anne

Original Title: Annunciazione a S. Anna

Date: c.1304 - c.1306