Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Sotheby’s Paris 19--22 October MAGRITTE – MONET – PICABIA – MAN RAY - DAL I- ERNST

A first in Paris.   Sotheby’s is presenting a new sale on 19 October dedicated to works by artists who left a powerful mark on modern times, from the emergence of the avant - garde to the present day.  

The many works on sale include a magisterial piece by René Magritte – one of the artist's very first Surrealist paintings; a magnificent picture by Claude Monet , whose radical modernity already foreshadows 20 th century abstraction ; a view of  Fernand Léger 's studio, and various iconic works by  Man Ray from a private  Italian collection. Abstraction and the French post - war school are also represented, with a major painting by Nicolas de Staël from the celebrated Mellon collection.


RENE MAGRITTE Dating from 1926,  Le Toit du monde ( estimate:  € 1,5 00,0 00 - 2 ,0 00,0 00) belongs to  Magritte 's first cycle of  S urrealist paintings .  F or the first time at auction, this enigmatic painting with  little trace of  any  human figure was the first  of his painting to employ  the  image  of the  human circulatory  system, a stylistic figure found  in some of his most iconic  pieces of the  next few years. With a  remarkable provenance ( including  Eugene Flagey, Carlo Ponti  and Sophia Loren,  and  Franco Russoli),  this painting draws the viewer  right into  the poetic enigma of  Magritte 's work ,  for whom "art  should evoke the mystery without which the world would not exist."  
FRANCIS PICABIA Painted in 1929,  Artémis ( estimate: € 500, 000 - 700,000 ) is a remarkable example of the iconic series of Transparences  Picabia  began  i n 1927. These were an immediate success with both collectors and the  Surrealist circle.  Here, superimposing several motifs and images, the artist draws viewers into a work where different  levels of interpretation are discernible . This complex, magisterial work,  making its first - ever  appearance  on the market, immerses us in the very heart of Picabia 's artistic explorations .  

ROBERTO MATTA Les Séparés vivants ( estimate:  € 30 ,000 - 500,000 ),  painted at the end of the war,  reflect s the artist's aim  to create a new representation of humanity, a "new  image of mankind" , whose sources  lay  in primitive art  and the psyche. Deeply marked by the events of the  war, Matta 's art at this time  took on a mor e incisive  line, echoing the suffering and fear experienced by  humanity .  A t the same time,  his  work  evinced a  new  kind of freedom in gestural and chromatic terms, and  expressed his aspirations after this sombre time . This  painting is one of the most accomp lished pieces in this  highly sought - after period of his work .  

Nicolas de Staël

NICOLAS DE STAËL In May1952 Nicolas de Staël rediscovered the South of France and its dazzling light. The Mediterranean left an indelible mark on him, and his palette changed, taking on brighter, more intense colours.  Méditerranée  ( estimate:  € 700,000 - 1,000,000 ) shows  how brilliantly the painter evokes the atmosphere of  the South and alternates our perception of colours  and volumes.  Powerful, simplified forms now  structure the painting's c omposition , just as the coloured contrasts structured Monet's Marine , inspired by  the sea in  Normand y . 

MAN RAY The sale ends with a remarkable group of fifteen works by Man Ray, which come from the Sergio Tomasinelli collection   These were all bought from Luciano Anselmino, who was not only Man Ray 's dealer at the end of his life  but also a close friend. They provide a magnificent overview of Man Ray's art  in all its diversity. 


Among them is the touching Tearful Woman  (estimate:  € 300,000 - 400, 00  , a black and white photographic print  hand - coloured  by Man Ray. The  only other extant  copy of this sensual and captivating image was sold a few months ago for over $2 million. 


Other notable works include Orchestra (estimate:  € 180,000 - 250 ,000 ) 

Man Ray, Decanter, 1916–17. Pochoir print with ink on paper, 22 x 15 inches (55.9 x 37.8 cm)

and Decanter  ( estimate:  € 180,000 - 250,000 ) , which form part of Man Ray 's revolutionary Revolving Doors series, together with a whole range of the Surrealist objects that made the artist famous and popular .  




 On  22 October, the sale of Impressionist and modern art of Paris, from  the dawn of Impressionism  to the  early 1950s,  provides a select overview of art within and outside France, with great modern artists like Fernand Léger, Raoul Dufy and Marc Chagall. The latter will be represented by a fine group of works  including   


Le Bouquet Blanc  (estimate:  € 800,0 00 - 1, 200,0 00 ), a magnificent synthesis of the most  fundamental motifs in his work. 


A drawing by Egon Schiele (Femme debout, estimate:  € 200,000 - 250,000 ) will be on offer.