Thursday, February 12, 2015

Georges Braque at Auction

Sotheby’s Impressionist and Modern Art in New York November 7 & 8, 2007

A highlight of the sale was  L’Écho by Georges Braque, work associated with the artist’s celebrated Studio series, a group of eight views of his atelier painted from 1949-1956 in Varengeville on the Normandy coast (est. $15/20 million). Braque worked on several canvases at once, reworking and making major changes as he went along. 

Although, not a part of this series specifically, L’Écho was begun at least by 1953 while he was already painting and repainting some of the Studio pictures. He finished and signed the work in 1956, the same year it was exhibited as Le Tapis Rougeatthe Galerie Maeght. The composition is divided into two parts: a white pitcher with yellow highlights at the left is balanced on the right by a richly painted, beige and taupe bird with spread wings. A piece of white newspaper bearing the title L'Écho unites these two major elements both visually and spatially. Once finished, the present canvas remaineda source of inspiration to Braque. He kept the work in his studio and it inspired subsequent compositions.

Sotheby's 2014

LOT SOLD. 1,325,000 USD

LOT SOLD. 1,925,000 USD 

LOT SOLD. 2,965,000 USD

Lote. Vendido 149,000 USD


LOT SOLD. 34,375 USD

LOT SOLD. 30,000 GBP

Estimate 120,000180,000 GBP

Sotheby’s 1 October through 24 October 2013

Christie's   2015

Est.. £200,000 - £300,000
($302,600 -$453,900)





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