Thursday, May 3, 2012

Bellini, Titiam and Lotto

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The Metropolitan Museum of Art is taking advantage of restoration work at the Accademia Carrara with an exhibition of the Bergamo museum’s collection of renaissance paintings.

The collection embraces the time span and geography of the Italian Renaissance, but the Met is focusing on northern Italian painters because “American audiences are less familiar with art from that region,” Andrea Bayer, a curator in the Met’s department of European painting, says...

Bellini’s Pietà, (portion)

Bayer is particularly excited about the arrival of Bellini’s Pietà, around 1450, depicting Christ with Mary and St John, and an early work attributed to Titian, Orpheus and Eurydice, around 1512.

Titian, Orpheus and Eurydice,

The stars of the show will be three panels by Lotto that were once part of the Martinengo Altarpiece, painted for the church of Santo Bartolomeo and Stefano between 1513 and 1516.

Lorenzo Lotto, The Entombment, painted between 1513 and 1516

The central painting remains in the church, but the three supporting panels, Saint Dominic Raises Napoleone Orsini, The Entombment and The Stoning of Saint Stephen, will be on show in New York.

Bayer calls this group “one of the greatest narrative scenes of the early half of the 16th century”.